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NYU Gets More Spiritual on Washington Square South

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Spring is nearly upon us and new growth is branching out over at 58 Washington Square South, where NYU is building its new Center for Academic and Spiritual Life. This block of study and salvation from Machado and Silvetti Associates first got stoned last December, but the ice of winter had to thaw before the much anticipated faux flora panels started to go up. Where the trees once were, there are now slices of milled panels, set away from the surface of the building to maximize the shadowy effect.
Across the street, where renovation of Washington Square Park slogs along, Giuseppe Garibaldi remains under wraps. When the blindfold comes off he'll find a stoney structure, shorter and blockier than allowed, made possible by zoning variances. Big Purple tells us that the "building is simple in mass and reinforces the street wall" and reports that construction is now in the second phase, with completion set for summer 2012.
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