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Park Avenue Triplets Have Major Wood; Come See!

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Yesterday three Park Avenue apartments hit the market for above $5 million, and all three adhere to a strict Park Avenue tradition: It's the wood that makes it good. Or maybe that's Kenny Rogers Roasters' tradition? Either way, the trio all show off some serious wood-paneled rooms, that staple of pre-war UES luxury living. Pick your favorite!

Where: 1120 Park Avenue
Vibe: Cozy cabin that's been in the same family for generations (with a couch added by one of the kids when the parents weren't looking)
The word on the wood: "handsome antique English wood paneling"
Rest of the place?: Art-filled and Upper East Side elegant!
Price: $6,750,000 [listing]

Where: 885 Park Avenue
Vibe: Granny's in the kitchen making me tea!
The word on the wood: "antique oak paneled living room"
Rest of the place?: The perfect setting for a murder-mystery dinner (in a good way!)
Price: $9,750,000 [listing]

Where: 1130 Park Avenue
Vibe: Not pictured: psychiatrist's notepad
The word on the wood: Nary a mention, friends
Rest of the place?: Total dump, but it's been owner-occupied for over 50 years, so we'll forgive them as long as we're allowed to pull out every one of those books to check for secret passages.
Price: $5,200,000 [listing]