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What Eight Years in Famous Bushwick Hipster Dorm Looks Like

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Can McKibbin Lofts age gracefully? The building was last seen offering its residents 3 a.m. band wake-up calls, beer-hurling neighbors, and the opportunity to be mugged close to home. It even invoked that most classic of comparisons to Greenwich Village 60 years ago and to the East Village of the '90s. Outlasting it all are Michael Stout, Joshua Lekwa, and Walter Replogle, a designer, comedian, and architect who've been renting a 1,000-square-foot loft in the building for eight and a half years. They take Apartment Therapy on a walk through the place, a repository of DIY furniture that doubles as a comedy group rehearsal space. They tell AT, "For seven years, we lived with old factory issued, uninsulated, single paned windows with cracks and bullet holes that allowed the cold, rain, and snow inside," before the windows were replaced. Ah, there's the McKibbin Lofts we know! Click through for more looks.
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