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Lower East Side Resident Wants to Board His Earthship

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The Lower East Side has seen a lot of adventurous architecture over the past few years, but BLUE ain't got nothin' on the Earthship, an eco-friendly home that a neighborhood resident wants to build on an empty Pitt Street lot between Delancey and Rivington. What is the Earthship? We're still not quite sure, but The Lo-Down tries its darnedist to explain. At a Community Board 3 subcommittee meeting last night, Ken Ruck presented his sustainable single-family house to "dazed" members of the board. The home has been designed by architect Michael Reynolds, who's Earthship Biotechture website describes an Earthship as "a radically sustainable home made of recycled materials." We're guessing it's also a radically sustainable home filled with the burning scent of salvia.

From what we can tell, the actual living space takes up two floors, but the structure itself would rise six stories to account for various wind-, rain- and sun-harvesting technologies. This would be the first Earthship built in an urban setting, and Ruck floated the idea of tours and classes once his mean green machine is built. Ruck told CB3 that he's in the process of dealing with the Department of Buildings on permits, and that might take a while because the DOB doesn't normally deal with advanced alien spacecrafts fueled by the sun. A couple of interior renderings:

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