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Chelsea Death Star Adds Not-Menacing-at-All Metal Flower Garden

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The CurbedWire Inbox is overflowing with reports coming in from the corner of Eighth Avenue and 16th Street, where the the blacked-out ghost building that recently emerged as 35-unit condo building 305 West 16th Street is getting some new rooftop decor. Let's hand the floor to our eyewitnesses:

1) "Live across the street from 305 w. 16th. They're setting up some bizarre flower thing on the roof."
2) "The Death Star on the corner of 16th Street & 8th Ave, is sprouting giant metal flowers, being hoisted to the roof of the building AS WE SPEAK!"
3) "The never occupied building at 16th and 8th, lovingly called the Death Star for how it embraces the neighborhood, now features a metal oasis of palm trees. The installation has stopped all access to the greatest Duane Reade the world has ever seen. The vantage point from an unnamed building recently purchased by a search engine company shows an odd installation. Good taste does not appear to have been a consideration."

We've thrown some tipster photographs into the gallery above. Weirdest roof deck ever?
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305 West 16th Street

305 West 16th Street, New York, NY