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Urban Glass House Apartments Finally Start Selling Again

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When abbreviated, Urban Glass House spells UGH, which is what many were thinking as the Sanitation Department moved forward with the plans for its Tower o' Garbage next door in Hudson Square. Nothing had sold in the building in two years when it appeared on this season's premiere of Selling New York. But 15 (more) minutes of fame for the condos and the neighboring "condos for garbage trucks" surprisingly did the trick for the Urban Glass House, where one of the units featured on the show, #11A, sold. Now a second one, #10A, has also sold. Its final price of $1,947,500 was only 8.3 percent below the last asking price?but almost $1 million below its $2.9 million 2007 sales price. Guess fame can't fix everything.
But it certainly helps. A second 10th-floor pad, #10C, went into contract last month. Unfortunately for the seller, it looks like another sizable loss, since it sold for $2,469,256 in 2006 and was last listed for $1.795 million. That's #10C shown above. What's the garbage garage discount these days?
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