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Tribeca's 471 Washington Now Fully Reanimated and For Sale

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Location: 471 Washington Street
Size: 12 units
Prices: $1.7 million to $15 million
Architect: Ben Hansen Architect
Developer: The Vella Group
Sales & Marketing: Elliman

After a long while in arrested development purgatory, 471 Washington Street sprang back to life last year with some slight revisions to its original construction plan. The 12-unit building is now on the market with current listings from $1.85 million to $5.25 million, though The Real Deal informs us prices will ultimately go as high as $15 million. (Nearby Vella Group building 1 North Moore should also hit the market in the not-too-distant future.) The existing listings have only exterior renderings, so we swiped a few more from the architect's website. Take a look in the gallery above. Will there be buyers glad that 471 Washington came off the ice?
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471 Washington Street

471 Washington Street, New York, NY