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Restaurant Erased From 1 World Trade Center Plans

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The construction of 1 World Trade Center has been moving right along lately, but here's one aspect of it that won't be: the Windows on the World-style restaurant planned for the building's top floors. Steve Cuozzo reports in the Post that the plans?already scaled down from several floors to one?have been completely abandoned due to the costs of design and construction and the small likelihood that any restauranteur would want to take on a money-loser. "We think we can achieve a far better financial return given the [quality of the] space and avoid all the complexities," Port Authority director Chris Ward tells the Post. We're all in favor of simplifying Ward's life, but did Anna Wintour already know about this? Maybe the top floors of 1 World Trade Center could become Conde Nast's penthouse cafeteria instead. How else could they top Frank Gehry?
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