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Loft's Bizarre Contents; Bowery Hotel Ground Worth Millions

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UNION SQUARE?Apartments with subway motifs are all the rage, which still doesn't explain what the hell is going on in this live/work loft at 13 East 16th Street that's on the market for $1,795,000. The listing makes no mention of the contents of the loft, but a tipster thinks what's being stored here are vintage driving cockpits. Don't see that every day. [CurbedWire Inbox]

NOHO?Ever wondered what a prime piece of land is worth along Bowery 2.0? In the case of 335 Bowery, the answer is $13.5 million, in a deal that recently closed. But hey, that's the Bowery Hotel! Yep, the hotel's co-owners, boutique power players Sean MacPherson, Eric Goode, Ira Drukier and Richard Born bought the land underneath the hotel from the estate of Alan I. Guior, so we guess the Bowery Hotel won't be picking up and moving anytime soon. [CurbedWire Staff]