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Cyclists Welcome at Former Staten Island Dump

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Where can architects and urban planners go to design new facilities for bike riders without fear of being sued by Chuck Schumer's wife? To an old dump in Staten Island! The Archpaper blog has a look at the bike maintenance stations designed by James Corner Field Operations that will dot the landscape of Freshkills Park once the 2,200-acre symbol of renewal is ready to rock. The massive park will be very bike-friendly, with no residents or drivers around to protest. So what's a bike maintenance station?

Here's the Archpaper's description:

The stations include vending machines selling bike repair products, like Allen wrenches and spare parts, on one side, and benches for weary bikers or pedestrians on the other. The benches made of torrefied (baked) wood are attached to a dividing wall made of galvanized steel two by fours spaced about six inches apart. These bike stations, along with new “comfort stations” (a.k.a. restrooms), will be off the grid, so solar panels atop the structures will provide the energy needed to power lights and equipment. Both structures feature lively lime green accents making them hard to miss in the landscape.

Given public sentiment these days, maybe Freshkills will turn out to be a leper colony for cyclists. Here's another look at those lively green accents:

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