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Buyer Finally Saves $11.95 Million Lifesaver Lofts Penthouse

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So getting a prison cell with a good view is no longer the only (relatively) inexpensive way to check out one of the penthouses at 120 Eleventh Avenue's Lifesaver Lofts. There's also, er, just buying a penthouse at Lifesaver Lofts. The building's PHB experienced its first round of PriceChoppage last year around this time, getting knocked down from $17 million to $14.75 million. Now, finally, the listing's StreetEasy page reveals that the unit is in contract. Its final asking price clocked in at only $11.95 million. Did the Vespa do the trick?
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120 Eleventh Avenue

120 Eleventh Avenue, New York, NY 10011