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Meet the 10 Worst Tenants in New York City

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To the people out there who thought the Village Voice's latest worst landlord list was unfair because the paper ignores the worst tenants, well, the Voice has heard your cries of injustice. Our downstairs neighbors have now released a list of the 10 worst tenants, and it makes the neighbor who just needs to soundproof look a whole lot better. There's a hoarder who gifted her neighbors with odors and green slime; a "serial evictee" who fled the country; the woman who claimed her boyfriend was her landlord to keep her Section 8 subsidies; a Williamsburg public housing tenant who defrauded responders to her Craigslist sublet ad; and a tenants' association that stole $30,000 in rent. And then there are the alleged murderers, like the Brooklyn boarding house tenant accused of stabbing his landlord and a Bronx landlord who ended up with a knife in his back after a quarrel with a tenant. Really, it's hard to pick a favorite. Wouldn't you agree, landlords?
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