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Seller Seeks Big Profit, $23.5M for Warhol Superstar's Old Duplex

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Andy Warhol's muse Jane "Baby Jane" Holzer has proven herself to be somewhat talented at the real estate resale?last year, for example, she got $13.15 million for an Upper East Side townhouse for which she paid $10.5 million. Before that, she sold a duplex 23 East 74th Street's Volney, where she owned multiple apartments, for $14.1 million. In what the Journal calls the latest sign of high-end market recovery, the buyer of that duplex has put the apartment back on the market?this time for $23.5 million. Of course, an asking price is no guarantee: Holzer herself originally listed the five-bedroom duplex for $22.5 million before several visits from the PriceChopper. We don't see a listing up yet, but the Journal offers a few looks inside. Any predictions on the final price? If the seller is successful that might be enough for 15 minutes of Curbed fame.
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The Volney

23 East 74th Street, New York, NY