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Next for Greenpoint Building: Halfway House for Convicted Felons

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Just a month ago, Greenpointers felt secure in the knowledge that their Kenneth Cole-blaming flyers had successfully stopped a plan to bring a homeless shelter to 400 McGuinness Boulevard. Hope they've enjoyed the last few weeks, because the homeless shelter plan is back, the Brooklyn Paper reports. There are some new faces on the scene this time, notably the building's latest owner, Shimmie Horn, who owns both boutique hotels and Correctional Services Corporation, a company that runs facilities for former prisoners. That's the plan for 400 McGuinness, which the Department of Homeless Services convinced him to buy for $4 million. New York Shitty's Miss Heather notes that Correctional Services Corporation was once fined by the state's Lobby Commission for giving free transportation, meals, and gifts to legislators without reporting it. Oops! Horn already bought out the remaining tenants, so even flyers might not be enough this time.
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