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Waverly Place in Famous Painting?; Bowery's Billy vs. NewMu

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GREENWICH VILLAGE?Tracking down the real-life inspirations for classic Edward Hopper paintings is all the rage these days. The latest, investigated by the GVHSP's Off the Grid blog, is Hopper's 1927 Drug Store, which might be the storefront at 184 Waverly Place. There's a striking similarity, and some other evidence, too. [Off the Grid]

LOWER EAST SIDE?Billy Leroy, proprietor of Billy's Antiques and mayor of the Bowery, is not into this whole Festival of Ideas thing being put on by the New Museum. He writes: "I just read about this Street Art Street Fair on Bowery ...I've prepared my sign..These yuppies from the New Museum don't get it. NYC does not need another street fair. It's not cool to try and gentrify the Bowery. I'm sending all the bums I know down there to give them a dose of the real NYC! but since they are Sheeple and can't face reality they will have security I'm sure." May 7 just got more interesting! [CurbedWire Inbox]

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