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Sunglasses Designer Wants to Sell Richard Meier Dream Home

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If we had to pick the ideal Manhattan home for a sunglasses designer to the stars, it might well be an apartment in Richard Meier's glassy 165 Charles Street. Sunglasses designer Robert Marc seems to have agreed, since he bought this 3BR, 3BA pad on the building's 10th floor five years ago for $7.32M. Folks, he loves the place: he tells the Times it's "the best place I have ever lived" and a "prized piece of art." Still, Marc says he's ready to move from his bachelor pad to someplace new, a "we project" with his partner. So his 2,541-square-foot place is on the market, with the asking price a modest markup at $7.95M.
Perhaps the listing can't resist the opportunity to play a little April Fool's joke on Paula del Nunzio:

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165 Charles Street

165 Charles Street, New York, NY 10014