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Sellers Hope Old Will Beat New With Bond Street Penthouse

Before there was 48 Bond, before there was 40 Bond, there was 50 Bond Street, a prewar condo on the Noho block better known around here for its recent additions. 50 Bond sure has picked a nice way to remind us of its presence: by listing its 3BR, 3.5BA duplex penthouse for $8.5 million. The unit numbers don't exactly match up, but it looks like the penthouse last traded hands in 2007 for $6,669,538, a nice discount from the original $7.5 million ask. Maybe the sellers wanted to get out before neighbor 48 Bond became anything more than a hole in the ground. Fast forward four years, and perhaps the current owners are hoping Bond Street's new look will bring them better resale luck.

And here's a shot of the building, pre-48 Bond:

· Listing: 50 Bond Street PH [Elliman]
· 50 Bond Street #PH [StreetEasy]

50 Bond Street

50 Bond Street, New York, NY