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Donald Trump Wants to be President...of the Coney Island Cyclone?

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Future President of the United States of America Donald Trump sent one of his top lieutenants all the way to Coney Island yesterday, but not to pick up hot dogs. The Donald is apparently interested in becoming the long-term operator of the historic Cyclone roller coaster, and yesterday city officials gave an hour-long tour to potential bidders. The Post reports that there is also interest from Zamperla USA, which runs Luna Park across the street and is operating the Cyclone this summer under a temporary lease, as well from some guy from New Jersey who rode the back-breaking thrill ride 1,001 consecutive times in 1975 and lived to tell the tale. The 15-year lease comes with the potential to expand the Cyclone site with food concessions and other amusements, and though the coaster itself is landmarked, the three raggedy 24-seat trains can be replaced. Maybe with solid gold seats sporting a tasteful Trump logo?

In other Coney Island news, the fight between Brooklyn mascot Marty Markowitz and the people who live near Asser Levy Park over Markowitz's much-desired Coney Island amphitheater?a spat that has reached the lawsuit level?is heating up again. It looks like Markowitz will likely have to move his popular concert series from the park after opponents argued that the shows violate noise laws. We're sure the B-52s are anxiously awaiting word of where they should plug in.
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