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Sanity Restored as Fifth Avenue Returned to the East Side

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Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's jihad against the sign makers and city agencies that have declared Fifth Avenue property of both the Upper East Side and Upper West Side is a smashing success. Department of Transportation commish/human bicycle seat Janette Sadik-Khan now agrees that the 50 blocks of the Gold Coast bordering Central Park should have their cross streets labeled as "East" even when bus signs are on the west side of Fifth Avenue, the traditional east-west dividing line. Khan has pledged to fix the signs, and the Met can now go back to being an East Side institution. Phew, those were some tense times, right? If you need us we'll be selling "I Survived the Fifth Avenue Border War of 2011" T-shirts outside the Guggenheim.
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Fifth Avenue at East 59th Street, New York, NY