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Massive Upper East Side "Suburban" Apartment is Politically Diverse

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The person who combined the three units together to make this apartment was not playing around. This place is a gargantuan 7,000 square foot apartment at 40 East 83rd Street with 6 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. The listing goes on to boast of its "library, office, enormous eat-in kitchen, formal dining room, and a double rec-room with a pool table, media, craft room, laundry room, gym, guest quarters" and going on to say "Space you have only seen in the suburbs can be yours." We might love the Warhol print of Mao coupled with the American flag decor more than anything else, though. It's listed at $11,995,000 and maintenance at a whopping $10,657, so small fish need not apply.

· Listing: 40 East 83rd Street 6E/7EW [Warburg]