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Prospect Park West Richard Meier OPP Alternative Asking $3.5M

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For a Park Slope apartment buyer with a substantial budget (can someone do a survey of how many people are in this category?) and a taste for the modern, this place looks like it will end up on any shortlist. We've been on a bit of a Park Slope roll, but hey, the 'hood's been producing some juicy listings lately, and this one might top them all. This 4 bedroom apartment at 9 Prospect Park West has a high end modern renovation with a pretty nice view to boot. Of course, we're also talking about a $3,495,000 price, which is how much some of the best townhouses in the area go for. It's also got a steep $3,930 in monthly payments. Do we have any takers? Maybe a transplant from Richard Meier's On Prospect Park?

· Listing: 9 Prospect Park West [BHS]