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The Proper Place For the Bike? The Bathtub, Of Course.

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Jason Saft is a broker for Citi-Habitats who had the listing for a small Chelsea studio, about 220 square feet, asking $1,700 a month. The apartment was slightly dingy but had great bones. When people would point out the apartment's flaws during showings, he would take them quite personally. Finally, he got a fortune cookie that told him "Your home is of the utmost importance to you, and your family matters come first'’ and he took it as an obvious sign that the place was destined for him. He's made the small space work for him, giving the appearance of a larger area. His tricks? "A desk with a slab of glass atop steel legs is all but invisible. A red lacquer chest from a Chinese furniture importer sits at an angle, to conceal four folding chairs. An angled mirror above the fireplace and another mirror behind the bed “make the apartment feel as if it goes on forever.” And plus he's had dinner parties with 20 people attending, so he must be doing something right.

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