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Building Says Celebrity Photog Owes $40K in Common Charges

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Celebrity photographer Ken Nahoum and his Victoria's Secret model companion own a grand total of four penthouses (A, B, C, and E) in Soho's 95 Greene Street?which, when those penthouses are behind on common charges, means way more than four times the trouble. The condo board insists that Nahoum and companion Basia Milewicz owe $40,000 in common charges and late fees, a fact especially galling to building residents who've spotted Nahoum on TV in his pricey Knicks' seats. Nahoum and Milewicz insist they're not behind on payments.

This puts the couple and the board at an impasse, but the Times explains that the board has a few tricks up its sleeve. Namely: "The board has become so riled up that it removed Mr. Nahoum’s name from the building’s intercom and changed its bylaws to prevent anyone who is more than 60 days late on payments from using the elevator." Except that the building would still need to install an electronic elevator access system to block Nahoum, and it hasn't. So Nahoum: 1, condo board: 0?
The board may yet win this one, because there have been foreclosure proceedings against all four apartments (which have been partially combined) since summer 2009. What's more, while Nahoum's attempt to sell a 12-room penthouse combo for $25 million in 2005 failed, as did a later attempt to sell penthouse C, all of the units are back on the market now for, yup, $25 million. The unit (pictured at right) was filmed in February for an episode of Million Dollar Listing, and we can't say we're surprised. This is a saga made for reality TV.
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95 Greene Street

95 Greene Street, New York, NY