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Chelsea House So Nice It Fetched More Than Its Price

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A townhouse sale over the asking price is a rarer thing these days than it was during the boom, so the goings-on at 344 West 22nd Street caught our attention. The house first came on the market last October, and the asking price has stayed steady at $5.995 million ever since. We do admire its dedication?and its listing photos, which we've swiped for the gallery above. A buyer seems to have felt the same way, because an LLC paid $6.3 million for the house earlier this month, according to a deed that hit public record today.
The deed lists the LLC's address as 515 West 24th Street, which is the location of the Gladstone Gallery. Owner and contemporary art expert Barbara Gladstone already owns a condo at 165 Charles Street, purchased in 2005. She wasn't around when we called to check on the sale, so we have no certain intel, but perhaps she's ready for a larger place to hang her art collection.
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