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The Bird's the Word at Battery Park's New Farm (Yes, Farm)

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The best part about the turkey-shaped urban farm in Battery Park? Instant gratification! The acre-sized tribute to Zelda, the wildest bird around, popped up on our radar last month and it's already time to break out the overalls and tell Ma we'll be back 'round come sundown. Oh, the educational aspects are fine, too. The farm was the idea of the environmental club at Millennium High School on Broad Street, and now the Battery Conservancy has signed up 650 students from 8 schools, as well as several local groups and Lower Manhattan residents, to tend to the crops. The first plantings were done today in front of numerous news crews and, we suspect, very confused tourists.

At ground level it's hard to tell that the planting areas form the silhouette of a Thanksgiving entree, and what sticks out are the thousands of bamboo poles that make up the fence around the site?bamboo that was used in last summer's "Big Bambú" installation on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and donated by the artists, Doug and Mike Starn. Has Manhattan gone country? Well, City Room points out what makes this farm different from all others: It shakes when the subway rolls by. Clearly we're not in Kansas anymore.
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