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UWS Stores Shuttering to Make Way for 20-Story Condo

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The closings of a number of businesses in UWS buildings owned by Friedland Properties clued onlookers in that there was something happening on Broadway between West 77th and 78th streets. Turns out it might be a 20-story something. Friedland Properties, better known as a retail landlord, filed plans with the DOB for a 180-unit condo building at 2182-2186 Broadway, in the middle of the block, DNAinfo reports. The DOB denied the initial plans, but if Friedland revises them successfully, a condo building with 172,473 square feet of residential space could still be in the block's future.

And that's not even taking into account the retail closings in other Friedland buildings on the street. Several business owners say they closed after Friedland refused to negotiate rents or told them their buildings would be demolished for condos. No plans have been filed yet for the northern or southern ends of the block, so the mystery continues.
· 20-Story Tower Could Rise on Broadway After a Slew of Stores Close [DNAinfo]

2182 Broadway

2182 Broadway, New York, NY 10023