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Williamsburg Light Show/Movie Theater Finally Opening Soon

We've sat through approximately 967 previews while waiting for The Metropol, Williamsburg's stalled theater/condo oddity, to open. Finally, it's time for the feature presentation. The Journal reveals that the theater will open by the end of May. And it's got a new name: Nitehawk Cinema. Happily, the rest of the plan maintains its old zaniness. There are still LED lights planned for the zinc-covered facade. The building's two Caliper Studio-designed theaters will have dining tables for every two seats, and the theater will serve food specific to whatever movie's being shown. There's a separate bar/restaurant with furniture made of repurposed black-and-white barber stations. It all sounds like fun?though not for the people who will be living in the nine rental apartments upstairs, no matter how many "theatrical" punched-out windows they're getting.
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