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What's in Store for Gowanus Oldtimer; 'Burg Church Landmarked

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GOWANUS?Contrary to what you've heard, not every old warehouse in Gowanus is being torn down for condos or converted into an indie rock megaclub. The Jewish Press building at 323 Third Avenue, which hit the market for $10 million before the Gowanus Canal got Superfunded, ended up getting sold to a storage company. Boring! Now the building's transition to a storage depot is underway. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?Thank the Lord for the city's latest landmark. Literally! Williamsburg's St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church complex, a trio of late 19th century Romaneeque Revival-style buildings at 334 South 5th Street (and Rodney Street), has just been given the Landmarks Preservation Commission's blessing. St Paul's was completed in 1885 to serve Williamsburg's growing German immigrant population, but now the congregation is largely Latino. The red-brick and terra cotta buildings were designed by J.C. Cady, also responsible for the American Museum of Natural History and the original Metropolitan Opera House. Read more about it on the LPC website. [LPC]