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Using Sexy Photos to Sell Real Estate: Cheesy or Genius?

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This just in: sex sells. But how can real estate brokers take advantage of this universal truth without, say, becoming full-fledged streetwalkers? Folks, allow us to introduce you to Nest Seekers' Dimitrios Aletras, Jr., truly a pioneer in the field. Based on his head shot, this is a man who takes fashion and modeling very seriously, and now he's bringing these passions to the workplace. Aletras, AOL Real Estate informs us, has turned his listing for a pre-war 2BR/2BA apartment at 136 Waverly Place into a Vogue-style fashion spread complete with statuesque models. Why?

"I would look at those magazine ads and think, 'Why can't it be this way for real estate, too?'" says Aletras, the agency's director of business development. The result is an ad campaign that "throws the market on its head. The images really show you the lifestyle you want for yourself," he says. "They are insanely sexy!" Indeed, after glancing through the pics for the $2.495 million apartment, we can definitely say this is a lifestyle that we would not mind living. But what would Don Draper say?

The reason we ask is because the listing says "Live like Mad Men" and "Live Like Don Draper," though you'll notice that the cast of characters in the listing photos looks a bit different from the Mad Men stars, not including that one elevator operator who made it into a couple episodes. There's a simple explanation: 136 Waverly Place is the Greenwich Village building where the fictional Don Draper moves after splitting from his ice queen of a wife, Betty. So there you have it. As for the photo gallery above, we've stripped out all the boring listing photos, meaning all the ones that don't show hot people being hot.
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