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Manly Side of Harlem's 88 Morningside Comes Out to Play

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What's changed at Harlem's 88 Morningside since we last visited the new 73-unit condo building a few months back? Where doth we begin! Construction is nearly finished, contracts are now signed for 29 units and the place is no longer gender neutral. Big steps! Last week the building hosted a party to show off a new model unit furnished by BoConcept. The guinea pig was #6F, a 1BR/2BA apartment that, like a handful of other one-bedrooms at 88 Morningside, has a 115-square-foot spare room that can be used for storage, as an office, or, as BoConcept did here, turned into a man cave. Except "man cave" would probably get the developers in deep doo-doo, so instead this party was to show off the model unit and its "media room." One showing a Green Bay Packers Super Bowl DVD on repeat. With all-you-can-consume burgers, fries, nachos and beer.

But where was the sports memorabilia? The recliner with the built-in cooler? The scent of stale farts? Guess those elements wouldn't really broadcast the "modern luxury condos" message of 88 Morningside. And here's where things take an unusual turn: The man cave was probably the least masculine part of what we saw. All of the model units, save for a child’s bedroom, had a manly feel. Just look at that lumberjack's coffee table up there! And on second thought, even the stuffed animals in the kid's room were pretty macho. Check out the photo gallery if you're not afraid of a little testosterone.

Prices at 88 Morningside start at $375K for a 1BR/1BA, $545K for a 1BR/2BA like the BoConcept man media cave room unit, $640K for the remaining 2BR/2BA and $775K for a 3BR/2BA. Wondering how this whole extra room thing works? Here's the floorplan for #6F. Now be a good girl and fetch us a cold one, wouldja?

?Reporting and photos by Maggie Shaw.
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88 Morningside

88 Morningside Avenue, New York, NY 10026