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Curbed Editor Joey Arak Moving On; Curbed Hiring for New Editor

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Yes, you read the headline correctly—after six years of writing for Curbed, an epic run that began with coverage of Randy Johnson's new apartment and Pope John Paul II's EVill mural on April 11, 2005—senior editor Joey Arak is lighting out for the territories. His last day at Curbed will come in early May. There will be plenty of time between now and then to properly fete/roast Mr. Arak, but right now we've got an important matter of business to attend to: Curbed is hiring for a full-time editor to join editor Sara Polsky on the good ship Curbed NY.

Interested? Let's talk about the job. First, you need to live in New York City and, at some deep level, love New York City, because the work involves daily blogging about the neighborhoods, characters, and built environment that make New York New York. It's not necessary that you be some sort of real estate expert—Sara has that beat pretty well locked down. Instead, we're hoping to find someone obsessed with some combination of the ins and outs of neighborhoods, architecture, urban planning, the High Line, the Gowanus Canal, and Battery Park City wild turkeys, to name a few core obsessions. The job is full-time with salary commensurate with experience, health benefits, and 401(k). To apply, email with a paragraph about yourself and a paragraph about why you're interested in the gig. If we like what we see, we'll follow up quickly. It's going to be sad to see Joey go, but I'm energized to get going on building the next generation of Curbed NY. Do join us.—LS