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Gotham West to Add 1,240 New Rental Apartments to the West Side

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After the success of Upper West Side luxury rental building The Corner, the Gotham Organization announced it was shifting its attention to a somewhat mysterious plan for a four-tower complex between West 44th & 45th Streets and Tenth & Eleventh Avenues. Now the developer is ready to pull back the curtain. The big parking lot on the site has just been relocated, and all the details of Gotham West, as the huge project is being called, are out in the open and waiting to be dissected.

Call it Hell's Kitchen, the Garment District, the Far West Wide?heck, call it MiMA. Just don't call it another bland collection of luxury rental towers. That's because Gotham West (not to be confused with Gotham Center) is shorter than we thought it was going to be. The tallest piece is a 31-story building (above) on Eleventh Avenue that will have 700 apartments, retail and underground parking. Adjacent to that will be a mid-rise building with 297 affordable housing units available to low, moderate and middle income families.

Further east towards 10th Avenue, two 14-story buildings will include another 243 units of affordable housing. All of these details were plucked from the new Gotham West section of the developer's website, and here are some more fun facts: 17,000 square feet of retail, 200 parking spaces total, architecture by SLCE Architects, interiors by SPaN (which was apparently bitten by the SHoP and FLAnk bug) and landscaping by Thomas Balsley Associates. Construction is supposed to kick off this summer, and renters should be unpacking their bags in 2013, which hopefully allows enough time for the neighborhood's other huge new rental projects to be filled.

Here, via special Curbed correspondent, is a look at the site now:

· Gotham West [Gotham Organization]

Gotham West

550 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036