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New Hotel to Light Up McCarren Park's Summer Rock Shows?

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Recently tickets have gone on sale for some outdoor concerts in McCarren Park that will be huge in both hipster cred (Beirut, Guided by Voices, Wavves) and size (5,000 capacity is the word on the street). This has confused many, because McCarren Pool?where the park's previous summer extravaganzas have been held?is busy getting turned back into a pool. But now BrooklynVegan has solved the riddle: A stage will be erected on the McCarren Park blacktop, that slightly forlorn extension of the park west of Bedford Avenue. Hey, that's right across the street from the boutiquey Hotel Williamsburg that's slated to open next month! Given the crowds that will flock to the area, shouldn't the hotel do something flashy to call attention to itself? Mission accomplished.

Writes a tipster:

Have you been tipped off on the lights that appeared on The Williamsburg Hotel? A series of horizontal, color-changing, Times Square style LED lights... Super bright, super tacky. The lights were missing the next night when I went back... And I actually don't think these are the same lights that I saw originally. These are taken facing the hotel part of the building from North 12 from the basketball courts / tennis courts across the street.

There are actually more complete rows of lights -- they don't seem to all be working yet. I took some shots with a better camera. Too tired / stoned to upload them now but will check them out tomorrow.

Needless to say, stoney hasn't managed to send along the other photos just yet, but we think we get the idea. We'll add the hotel to the growing list of new light-up buildings, and Wavves fans, get ready for one trippy show.
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