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Avenue B's Christodora House Has a Faux-Ostrich Penthouse

Surprisingly, this penthouse at the Christodora House is not the one that belongs to East Village controversy magnet Michael Rosen. The owner of penthouses A (purchased for $960,000 in 1999) and D (purchased for $2.25 million in 2003) is Aaron Sosnick, a fellow member of the East Village Community Coalition. So does his penthouse combination and Lyn Rice Architects renovation, completed in 2004, mesh with the mission of the EVCC? We vote yes, because when we think about supporting "a haven for those seeking freedom to express artistic, creative, and social concerns," we think walls lined with tufted faux ostrich. Don't you?
The architect's website explains what's going on with the faux ostrich and all those wall panels (hint: there are winter and summer zones involved):

The penthouse’s north, winter zone is a warm, intimate area organized around the apartment’s existing hearth. The south summer zone transitions to a larger, loft space designed to accommodate large gatherings and is accessed through a thickened bar-wall containing a wet bar/wine storage, while concealing new service and storage areas that serve the adjacent formal dining area. A 55-foot long, cool grey bamboo panel wall with radiused corners lines the summer zone, a section of which pivots opens to soften the scale of the space for smaller groups and enhances the mood of the dining and recreation areas. The open wall reveals its soft back-side and inner lining of tufted faux ostrich, transforming the southernmost space into a club room for billiard play. As for the rest of the space, which covers three floors and four terraces, here's the layout:

Pretty wild, right? Well, here's the thing: The penthouse is probably not even the weirdest apartment in the building, let alone the block. Such is life in Alphabet City.
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