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Condo Board Mutiny at Williamsburg's Warehouse 11!

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On the surface, life could not be better at Warehouse 11. The McCarren Park-neighboring condo building recently sold out, and the residents are happily (and quite randily!) breeding up a storm. But something is going on behind the scenes. Something bad. And bike related! These two-wheel terrors may look innocent, but they've touched off what might result in a coup d'état on Warehouse 11's condo board. First, some background via a tipster:

Lots of drama at W11 today - one condo board member has resigned over threats and intimidation from the board president, now residents are calling for a vote to kick him off the board. One particularly controversial policy on the table is to impose strict rules and regulations on the condo - including co-op style interviews for prospective buyers and tenants, plus restrictions on gatherings of 10 or more people in individual units.

Condos with co-op interviews? Finally, a happy medium to appease Michael Gross!

Here's the letter sent to residents by the resigning board member. She explains the origin of the dispute?bike racks!?alleges bullying by the board's president and calls for a coalition to unite in favor of an overthrow. ¡Viva la Revolución!

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