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Former Shoe Store is Now Tribeca's Incredible $45 Million Mansion

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Walk by the old warehouses of Tribeca and you can't help but wonder what the interiors of these well-preserved buildings look like now that most of them have been turned into sought-after luxury lofts. But not even the wildest imagination could have dreamed up what's really lurking inside 144 Duane Street. The limestone building, dating back to 1862, is now 23,000 square feet of over-the-top eye candy, complete with a basement basketball court, a landscaped roof deck, a staircase that looks stolen from an Apple Store and so much more. How does one put a price on something so unique? By starting somewhere up in the stratosphere, that's how. The entire building has just hit the market through Elliman for, brace, $45 million. Let's explore this funhouse.

The brokerbabble calls 144 Duane "the most spectacular property to become available downtown," and for a certain type of buyer, we believe it. The building's ground floor is a commercial/retail unit. The second level is a full-floor rental apartment that was once going for $19,500 per month. The third floor has two rental apartments and the fourth, fifth and sixth floors are a 10,000-square-foot owners' triplex that can be purchased by itself for $30 million. Dizzy yet? The triplex, seen in the gallery above, also has 2,775sqft of outdoor space and access to the private gym and the world's most dangerous basketball court (hope that padding is thick!) in the basement. The building's ceiling heights range from 12-17 feet, and yep, those are original cast iron columns.

Also according to the listing, 144 Duane has been "sensitively renovated to retain the structure's original character," which will surely make loft purists shoot soy milk through their nose. The building's wild makeover kicked off in 2001, and it was designed by Studio Rivelli architect Mario Rivelli. On his website?which offers even more pictures? Rivelli explains that 144 Duane was formerly a shoe store and warehouse, and he lifted the roof to create the sixth-floor space. The client "requested a clean contemporary aesthetic," all the better for displaying ceramic bowls, Renaissance art and fossilized starfish. Posting the entire floorplan would ruin Curbed's clean contemporary aethetic, so click through to the listing for all the (potential!) Tribeca mansion one can handle.
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144 Duane Street

144 Duane Street, New York, NY