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Troubled Sloane Mansion Returns to Market Asking $37.9M

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Early twentieth century dude Henry T. Sloane did pretty well for himself. Not only was he related to many famous people, but he was also wealthy enough to build the 18,267-square-foot mansion with oil-painted wall murals at 18 East 68th Street. The folks who've owned it since have not been so lucky. An investment group paid $39 million for the property in 2007 and failed in their attempt to flip it for an eye-popping $64 million. Rather than letting prospective buyers actually go inside, the seller chopped the price to just $39 million. You do hate to see that?and that's before the property was hit with a pre-foreclosure filing. Now it's back on the market with a new broker (Paula Del Nunzio has moved on to bigger and better things) and an even lower ask of just $37.9 million. Any takers? The savings are enough to buy a monocle for every room.
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