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Developer May Agree to Save Historic 35 Cooper Square

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The wrecking ball has been poised over old Bowery house 35 Cooper Square for weeks now, with preservationists' rallies and candlelight vigils doing...absolutely nothing to change the developer's mind. Until yesterday. DNAinfo reports on a meeting between preservationists and building owner and potential destroyer Arun Bhatia, at which preservationists urged Bhatia to keep the 1825 building intact when developing the site (which also includes two adjacent lots). And? "They basically said they'll think about it," says the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation's Andrew Berman. Preservationists tell DNAinfo they left the meeting feeling as though Bhatia and co. haven't yet set a plan for the site, so there might still be room in the picture for 35 Cooper Square. Was it the buffer argument that finally swayed them?
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35 Cooper Square

35 Cooper Square, New York, NY