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Dumbo's 25 Washington Gets Rents and New Name: Gair2

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The conversion of Dumbo's 25 Washington Street from offices to residential space was first rumored in summer 2009, with the actual rental apartments to materialize in spring 2010. But what's the point of deadlines if you aren't gonna miss a few? 25 Washington Street is here now, and that's what matters. Oh, and it has a new name: Gair2. DumboNYC explains that Robert Gair was the name of the building's original owner. Occupancy will start May 1. Would Robert Gair like what Two Trees has done with the place?
Twenty-one of Gair2's 105 rental units are affordable. The others? Depends on your definition of "affordable." 1BRs start at $2,400/month, 1BR units with home offices start at $2,900/month, and 2BRs start at $3,950/month. That's higher than Two Trees' other new rental project, Mercedes House (a few renderings of which can also be found, confusingly, on the Gair2 site). Worth it? Floorplans in the gallery above.
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