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Evicted Bushwick Trailer Park Hipsters Upgraded to Days Inn

The infamous Bushwick hipster trailer park has fallen on hard times yet again, Metro reports. Can you guess which of these facts and quotes are real, and which are made up?

1) The residents are intent on fighting to stay in their location, which houses a music studio, skate ramp, darkroom, painting studio, video sculpture installation,
silk screening facilities, an accordion repair room, and even a koi pond.
2) "First they evicted us, now they're vacating us- we're being persecuted."
3) The Red Cross supplied each resident with a $50 debit card, two nights stay at the Days Inn in Sunset Park, and counseling services.
4) "I didn't expect to go to college and then deal with this."

Answer: They're all real. God help those poor koi.
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