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Everyone Surprisingly Okay With Building Above Tribeca Dog Run

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The idea of putting a building on top of a dog run didn't go over well at NYU, but maybe it will work better at the Warren Street dog run. It should help that in this case, Manhattan Youth Executive Director Bob Townley doesn't plan to get rid of the dog run, he just wants to build a gym and theater on top of it. The plan (above) calls for a building that's only about 70 feet by 40 feet, wedged between P.S. 234 and 200 Chambers Street. The residents of the latter building are already on board, Townley tells DNAinfo, because they wouldn't mind something separating their building from the dogs' noise. And the dog owners want a run that's protected from the wind and rain. Since Community Board 1 has already given the project the thumbs-up, the next major step is buying air rights for the building. Can the community harmony really last all the way through this process?
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200 Chambers Street

200 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10282