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Two Dozen Luxury Condos for Bowery's Notorious Stalled Site

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In sunnier times 250 Bowery was slated to become a steel-covered boutique hotel loaded with do-gooder features like recycled rainwater. But the big dirt pit stayed a big dirt pit, and the property?one of the Bowery 2.0's most prime development sites?eventually changed hands. New developer Zach Vella told us he was switching the plan to residential, and he's done just that. The Post reveals the details of Vella's new-look 250 Bowery: 24 condos and those warehouse windows that are all the rage.

If 250 Bowery is aiming for the old-meets-new loft look, the right guy has been hired for the job. A fresh permit carries the name of architect Morris Adjmi, king of the faux factory. An old Stop Work Order will have to be cleared up before the Bowery's latest luxury condos can rise, and when they do, we're sure the New Museum will be pleased as punch that the view across the street from its snazzy Sky Room will no longer be a giant mud bath.
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250 Bowery

250 Bowery, New York, NY 10012