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Exploring the Yotel Before Its Robot Army Destroys Us All

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Yotel, the as-yet-unopened hotel that occupies part of the new MiMA tower and looks inspired by Blade Runner, 1960s airline travel, Japanese animé and really good drugs, has a Twitter page. And thank our technology overlords for that, because it is on this Twitter page that we saw a link to Yotel's YouTube channel, which contains the above 3D walk-through of the new micro-hotel on West 42nd Street. Well, they say it's 3D, but we're wearing our 3D glasses and it's not really improving the experience. And yep, there's even a glimpse of the Yobot, the luggage-storing robot, in action. You're welcome.
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450 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036 Visit Website


570 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY