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The Latest Trump Soho Battle: Serving Food Outdoors

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Locals failed to block the construction of Trump Soho, but they can still stick it to The Donald (and the people who actually own the condo-hotel) in other ways. Like when dealing with the long sliver of public plaza space that was built along with the Trump Soho in order to scroe a zoning bonus that allowed the tower to grow taller. The hotel operators want to extend dining operations into the plaza, and, surprise, the community board ain't having that. Soho activist and vehement Trump Soho critic Sean Sweeney wrote a piece for NearSay about last night's CB2 subcommittee meeting, and he summarizes the issue thusly: "In other words, in an attempt at a zoning flim-flam that would rival any three-card monte dealer's stealth and chutzpah, Trump now taketh with one hand what he just gaveth with the other." Guess he won't be voting Trump-Palin?

According to Sweeney, the developers pitched the café extension as something that would help draw more people to the public space and liven it up a bit. But board members disagreed, saying that not many people know about the plaza since it has only been open a few months, and adding restaurant service would make it appear private. It was even suggested that the Trump Soho folks come back after a year of the plaza being open. The committee voted to send a recommendation to the City Planning Commission that the permit be denied, but the final say belongs to Amanda Burden and her crew. Anyone know if she's an Apprentice fan?
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