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Soho Loft Gives Whole New Meaning to "Touched By An Angel"

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Not a whole lot to see of the interior of this big Soho loft at 565 Broadway, other than the fact that the owner has a serious thing for Angels. We've counted about 15 creepy statues from the two photos of the interior alone. Moving on from that, it's gigantic at 5,000 square feet with an asking of $4,500,000. The place first hit the market back in 2008 when it was asking $5,495,000 and it's been pricecut a couple of times since then. Someone who's in the market for an expansive loft at under $1,000 per square foot in prime Soho (you're out there, right?) might take notice of this place, if they can picture it without the eerie statues.

· 565 Broadway Unit 3 [Corcoran]