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Two Slope Townhouses on Same Block Hit the Market With Same Ask

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We doubt these two neighbors on 10th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues in Park Slope are happy with each other right now. 566 10th Street and 583 10th Street are both for sale and they're both asking $2,300,000 a piece (well, 566 is asking $2.299). This can only mean one thing. Townhouse deathmatch! That's right, it's time to put these babies head to head...

566 10th Street is a single family house with 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. This one definitely looks like it's in move in condition. But then again, someone looking for a single family home in the Slope with this budget might have some options a little higher north. Also it's not big, clocking in at just above 2,500 square feet. Back in 2008 it was sold for $1,540,000 so the seller stands to make a nice profit if it sells even close to ask.

583 10th Street is not the prettier sibling, but it's significantly bigger at 3,400 square feet. It's also a 3-family unit so there's some rental income that could help out with that pesky mortgage or for the much needed renovation this place is going to need. It's courting a different kind of buyer than 566, so maybe there is hope for Park Slope peace after all!

Looks like there isn't a clear winner. For someone who needs a place to settle down and doesn't want to get bogged down with renovation and tenants, 566 is all yours. For someone perhaps with less money who wants to own a townhouse in the slope and isn't scared of a little renovation work, 583 takes the cake. Oh yeah, it looks like both are a little overpriced no matter which wins. What say you, dear readers?

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