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Bushwick is the 'Next Williamsburg,' Again

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All a real estate journalist or broker needs to brand a neighborhood as the "next Williamsburg" is a few empty warehouses, a trendy bar or café and an art gallery. So it's no wonder that the list of candidates has grown over the years to include Long Island City, Bushwick, Greenpoint and long shots like the South Bronx, Staten Island's St. George and something called Rosendale. All the buzz has pointed to Gowanus being the official next Williamsburg of 2011, but Crain's says it's actually Bushwick, which, for those keeping score, was the "next Williamsburg" for most of 2007-2009. Dynasty! But here's a Zen koan: Can Bushwick really be the next anything when others are now being called the next Bushwick? Such are the dilemmas that shape mankind.
· Bushwick, Brooklyn, takes off as next Williamsburg [Crain's]