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Here's Proof the Fulton Street Transit Center Will Someday Exist

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The untangling of Lower Manhattan's subway lines is leading to subterranean discoveries like a 300-year-old well. But look up and there's a shock, too: rising steel. That's right, after the MTA assured us that everything is now running smoothly at the long-awaited Fulton Street Transit Center, the future World Trade Center subway hub can actually be seen taking shape. A couple of tipsters have sent some photos in, and one writes:

I walked by Fulton/John St and Broadway yesterday and was surprised to see how quickly the super structure of the transit hub is going up! Would the MTA actually deliver something exciting and on time? Well it did take "a bit" of Federal Stimulus funds to do that but hey, at least it's happening and it will be for sure the nicest subway station in the city, not that it's really hard to reach that status anyways but well... it's Monday let's be positive about things! Of course, "on time" is a relative term when it comes to the MTA. The latest estimate is June 2014. Original target: 2007.

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