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Parts Not Sold Separately in $16.5M Village Townhouse Listing

The listings for the neighboring townhouses at 18 and 20 Jones Street were mysterious enough to inspire correspondence with the Curbed inbox, which means we're contractually obligated to follow up on any new developments. The combo listing for the two houses has been on the market since the fall, but the initial ask of $17.45 million has been reduced to $16.5 million. The Times finally answered some of the burning questions about the place, including why 20 Jones Street is listed separately for $7.495M but 18 Jones is only available as part of the combo. The residents of 20 Jones are decamping for the west coast, and when 18 Jones's owners heard about the plan to sell, they threw their house into the listing for the potential extra $750K profit. And as for the alleged presence of musician Steve Earle, he and his wife moved out of 20 Jones's downstairs apartment a few months ago. Guess the loss of a celebrity connection explains the PriceChoppage.
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