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Dunkin' Donuts to Kick Off Chainification of Long Island City?

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Is Long Island City now populated enough to attract national chain stores? You betcha, at least according to neighborhood blog liQcity, which reports that Dunkin' Donuts is coming to the main drag of Vernon Boulevard, at 49th Avenue. The news comes after a couple of failed attempts by Dunkin' Donuts to brew something up in LIC, including at new condo building Ten63. Writes liQcity: "Oh Hunters Point, did we think our independent streak would last forever? Retail rents on Vernon are remarkably high, and finally there is enough critical mass at the waterfront for corporate chains to take notice, so probably there are more on the way." Bad news for local joints like Sweetleaf and Breadbox Cafe? Or will LIC consumers stay true to their mom-and-pop roots?
· Dunkin Donuts landing a spaceship on Long Island City’s Vernon Blvd [liQcity]